anne-james chaton

anne-james chaton

anne-james chaton has developed a multipolar body of work, based on a close study of the textual materials which make up the everyday life of contemporary society.

this “poor’ literature, known as «ephemera» and comprising a multitude of documents printed out by innumerable machines – bank slips, shopping receipts, promotional flyers, customer loyalty cards, business cards, bus, train and metro tickets, etc. –– is the source of anne-james'’ quests into sound, poetry and visual art, which he develops through solo projects and in collaboration with artists from diverse fields.

this continuous focus on ‘low intensity literature’ has accompanied anne-james during his trips abroad for numerous performances on the literary, rock and electronic music “scenes”.

the polyglot dimension of his work has led him to collaborate with foreign artists like the dutch rock group the ex, the english guitarist andy moor and the german electronic musician carsten nicolai– aka alva noto. recently, he created the trio ‘»décade«,’ performing with andy moor and alva noto.

in 2005, anne-james chaton received the grant ‘encouragement’ from the centre national du livre in paris and in 2006, he won the support of the ‘mission stendhal’ from the ministère des affaires etrangères (the french foreign ministry) for his literary project on the city of naples, italy. in 2008, he was awarded an artistic residency at the villa kujoyamo in kyoto, japan, by the french ministry of foreign and cultural affaires. since 2009, anne-james chaton has been a board member of the poetry commission at the centre national du livre (national center for books).

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