robert lippok

robert lippok

1966 born in berlin
studied stage design at kunsthochschule weißensee berlin
member of curatorial board, 4D sound budapest, hungary
member of institut für raumexperimente e.v.
tutor at the clive davis institute of recorded music / NYU berlin
works as musician, visual artist and set designer in Berlin

selected works:

EXPERIMENTS IN THE FUTURE OF RECORD PRODUCING, music production and live performance class, the clive davis institute of recorded music / NYU berlin
WAX AND GOLD, workshop and concert, institute für raumexperimente / akademie der künste, berlin
WHAT IS DANCE, sound installation, meinblau projektraum, berlin
GLETSCHER MUSIK, concert, acusmatiq festival, ancona, italy
FIELD KIT, workshop, fundación YAXS, guatemala city, guatemala
THE POSE, music for a dance performance by constanza macras, akademie der künste, berlin
IM DICKICHT, stage design for a play by bertolt brecht, gorki theater, berlin

CYNARA, sound design for an exhibition by henning korb, empty gallery, hongkong, china
UNTERGANG DES EGOISTEN FATZER, music for a play by bertolt brecht, kammerspiele, berlin
ALBUM, music for the contemporary dance piece by constanza marcas / dorky park, festspielhaus hellerau, dresden, germany
SATOR AND PERIPHERAL LAPS, san fedele musica, milano, italy
artist residency with klara lewis at EMS studios, stockholm, sweden 

SINFONIA TROPICO festival, bogota, colombia
ATRATO, music for a video installation by fernando aries, bogota, colombia
A-B-A-B-A : FROM HERE TO THERE, institut für raumexperimente, addis ababa, ethiopia
artist residency, más arte más acción, chocó, colombia

DAYLIGHTASTRONOMY, music performance, mutek, montreal, canada
FLOATING POINT, with dimitri delcourt, music performance, scéne du lac, geneva, switzerland
24H DAHLEM, music for a video installation by clara jo, ethnologisches museum, berlin, germany
MOLDING VERSIONS INTO REALITY, with raul walch, henning korb and simen musæus, grey sheep gallery, berlin, germany
THE PERSISTENCE OF MEMORY, music performance with nino errera, ethnoligisches museum, berlin, germany
BÉTON BRUT, with ronald lippok, music for an exhibition by arno brandlhuber, NBK, berlin, germany

PLUG IN CITY, music performance, akademie der künste, berlin, germany
ADDIS TAPE CLUB, sound installation, jan meda, addis ababa, ethiopia
grant at institut für raumexperimente, class of olafur eliason, universität der künste, berlin, germany

BY THE NIGER RIVER, art exhibition with matteo ferroni, künstlerhaus bethanien, berlin, germany
REDSUPERSTRUCTURE, cd release on raster-noton 

KNITTING SMOKE, sound installation, halleluhwah! hommage à CAN, künstlerhaus bethanien, berlin, germany

TOSCA, with alexander wolf, set design, volksbühne, berlin, germany

DIGITAL MASS, with ronald lippok, music performance, festival of sacred music, santa maria della scala, milano, italy
FAUSTROLL, art exhibition with dietrich sagert, staatsgalerie prenzlauer berg, berlin, germany

OREST, with ronald lippok, set design, komische oper, berlin, germany
HANNOVER, art installation with ronald lippok, wagner hörschule, HAU 1, berlin, germany
PAISAJE SONORO CARACAS - BERLIN, sound installation with muu blanco, sala mendoza, caracas, venezuela 

FOGGY BOXES, art installation, wohnmaschine, berlin, germany
PA BESOK I EN FREMMED KROPP, music for an exhibition by tone avenstroup, sorlandets kunstmuseum, kristiansand, norway

SPACE TO FACE, sound installation, westfälischer kunstverein, münster, germany
JENUFA, with valerie von stillfried, set and costume design, thüringer staatstheater, meiningen, germany
I NEED MORE, music for a dance performance by enzo cosimi, auditorium, rome, italy

FIELD RECORDINGS, sound installation, wohnmaschine, berlin, germany
REAL GOOD TIME, music for a dance performance by enzo cosimi, termini, rome, italy

AUDIO LAB, with to rococo rot, palais de tokyo, paris, france
MARBLE & MATRIKEL, with tone avenstroup, intermedium 2, zkm, karlsruhe, germany
NEW OCEAN, with to rococo rot, music for an exhibition by doag aitken, serpentine gallery, london, uk
FRUITS OF THE LOOM, art exhibition with ronald lippok, curated by carsten nicolai

OPEN CLOSE OPEN, cd release on raster-noton
STEADY, wohnmaschine, berlin, germany
KÖLNER BRETT, with to rococo rot, music for a building, b&k+, arno brandlehuber, cologne, germany

STATEMENTS, sound installation with to rococo rot, kunst-werke, berlin, germany
ON THE WAY TO THE PEAK OF NORMAL, music for a video installation by takehito koganezawa, montevideo, amsterdam, the netherlands

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