exclusive cd pre-release

exclusive cd pre-release


arturo lanz
saverio evangelista

are the last three futurists on earth.

»radial« is the result of a vivid creative merge between esplendor geométrico and atom™. a transparent diamond formed by a heavy implosion. its underlying massive mechanics are covered by a crystal surface made to cut reality in half. just one letter short of “radical”, this album is no less than exactly that - an orgy of powerful, blunt repetition and hyperbolic simplicity, a profound evocation of nothingness and its surroundings.

the 13 tracks (which comprise the digital full-length version) of »radial« are the exact expansion of sonic ideas those three artists have explored during the last couple of decades. unexpectedly so, this makes this production an outstandingly atemporal one - some would even classify it as meta-contemporary.

a selection of 10 tracks of the digital full-length album will be released on CD through raster on september 01, whereas an accompanying vinyl release is scheduled for the end of 2023.

shop link: https://raster-media.net/detail/index/sArticle/1325/sCategory/9