raster-noton press release, 03 of may 2017

raster-noton press release, 03 of may 2017

after a successful collaboration between »rastermusic« and »noton« as »raster-noton«, there will be a re-organization of the label in may 2017.

the company »raster-noton« will be rebranded as »raster-media« and continue to be operated by olaf bender. in the future, the labels »raster-music«, »raster-index« and »raster-archive« will continue the catalog of »rastermusic« and »raster-noton«.

»noton« will be administrated by carsten nicolai. all past and future musical activities, projects and collaborations of alva noto will be exclusively represented by »noton«.

both parties will continue collaborative projects and activities under the name »raster-noton«. in september 2017 there will be celebrated the 10th anniversary of the »electric campfire« festival at villa massimo rome, italy. in the same month the installation »white circle« will be presented at the ruhrtriennale in duisburg, germany.

www.raster-media.net / email: info@raster-media.net

www.noton.info / email: info@noton.info