ryoji ikeda

1000 fragments


ryoji ikeda

1000 fragments

»1000 fragments« is ryoji ikeda's first solo album. as early as 1995, ikeda started with this influential release his consistent work on digital sound design, having an inspiring impact on the the founders of the raster-noton label.

»1000 fragments« was originally released in february 1995 on ikeda's own label cci recordings. raster-noton is proud to make this important piece of electronic music available again.

here's an early review from www.full-albums.net:

"the works on this disc of japanese computer-manipulated sound composer ryoji ikeda all date from early parts of his career, the mid-80s thru the early 90s. but by no means does the early date on this material date the works themselves.
the first piece, consisting of several short parts (bursts?), snaps the listener around a jumble of sound fragments from tv, nasa, radio, film, raw electronics and computer-generated tones, and so on. it's rather disorienting stuff...more like something you'd expect out of the hafler trio, and actually sort of out of character with the rest of the disc.
as for the rest of the disc, it's taken up with two long works, which I assume involve computer-generated sound but which have the lushness one more associates with analog electronics. both are longish ambient works, but instead of featuring static repetitive structures, these 'unfold' in an intriguing manner, like a long, slow drive across a very sparse landscape. as opposed to the initial work here, these are definitely the 'meat' of this disc, and anyone looking for some fine ambient work with perhaps a bit of an edge would do well to check this out."

track list:

channel X (1985-1995)
01. testone
02. trans-missions
03. this is a recording
04. radiorange
05. what's wrong?
06. holy wood
07. into the tranquility
08. all has been changed
09. abstructures

5 zones (1994-95)
10. zone 1
11. zone 2
12. zone 3
13. zone 4
14. zone 5

luxus (1993)
15. luxus 1-3