various artists

20' to 2000

various artists

20' to 2000

widely known for the close interaction between experimental forms of music, art and science, raster-noton produced a new series of 12 cds, each of them 20 minutes in length. the artists' concept behind this is the creation of a piece of music for the last 20 minutes of the year 1999 as a cutting edge of the past century.

»20' to 2000« is a monthly magazine-like cd released over the last year of the millenium. in the 12 issues, 12 artists were invited to transform their ideas - possibly a manifest of the millenium - designed for the series using new technologies and characteristic translucent materials.

the series was awarded the "golden nica" from ars electronica in 2000.

participating artists:
01 komet, germany. co-founder of rastermusic, member of signal & produkt
02 ilpo vaisanen, finland. sähkö, blast first, member of pansonic
03 ryoji ikeda, japan. touch, cci, member of dumb type
04 COH, russia. rastermusic
05 byetone, germany. co-founder of rastermusic, member of signal & produkt
06 senking, germany. karaoke kalk, works also as kandis
07 thomas brinkmann, germany. ernst label
08 scanner, united kingdom. subrosa
09 noto, germany. noton, rastermusic, member of produkt & signal
10 mika vainio, finland. sähkö, blastfirst, ø ,philus, member of pansonic
11 wolfgang voigt, germany. profan, studio1, mike ink, gas
12 elph, united kingdom. members of coil

january - komet. manhattan
february - ilpo väisänen 
march - ryoji ikeda. 99 (1999)
april - COH. into memories for s-tone
may - byetone
june - senking
july - thomas brinkmann. IIII
august - scanner. cystic
september - noto. time dot
october - mika vainio
november - wolfgang voigt. 20 minuten gas im november
december - elph. zwölf