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various artists


bleep:10 is a celebration of ten years of music on bleep. a decade of enjoying and working with some of the best artists and labels, and hopefully conveying the love of the vibrant music community bleep is a part of. for this fourteen track compilation they have sought out new and unreleased gems from some of their favourite artists, all of whom continue to shape the direction of the bleep store. together they represent different labels, scenes and genres that are important to bleep.

besides contributions from untold, fuck buttons, lone, nathan fake, gas, modeselektor, shackleton and autechre, the compilation also features a never before released track by byetone, »morning«.

a limited amount of the compilation that was released on may 5th is now also on sale on the raster-noton store. it is available in two different formats: as double lp with gatefold cover and as cd digipack.

tracklist vinyl:
a1. gas - die wand
a2. lone - lizard king
a3. machinedrum - aeolia
a4. oneohtrix point pever - peed
b1. modeselektor - i'm not into twerk, i'm into kraftwerk
b2. untold - that horn track
b3. fuck buttons - brainfreeze (alt mix)
b4. dabrye - click clack
c1. autechre - sYptixed
c2. shackleton - ganda rising
c3. nosaj thing - particles aligned
d1. µ-ziq - hedges
d2. byetone - morning
d3. nathan fake - vanish north