andreas tilliander works as a musical assistant at a swedish music company and already took part in some productions. he cooperated with mikael stavöstrand (mitek, staalplaat,etc.) for a few times, but lately he is involved in his own projects komp and mokira. as mokira, he's presenting his debut release on raster-noton.

coming from hard industrial music, he has always been more interested in sounds rather than songs. nevertheless, the rhythmic tracks on »cliphop« circle around a tangible groove. digitally crackling, fragmented hard disk statics provide the samples, and enclosed in ultra-low baselines, they spread out warmth. the sometimes quite long tracks increase straightly to compact arrangements that let you flex to the music.

01. redo - 04:36
02. palm - 06:40
03. from - 05:10
04. kind - 06:38
05. same - 04:10
06. byte - 06:23
07. hiss - 05:53
08. full - 05:00
09. list - 05:07
10. slut - 05:07