document #1 raster-noton japan tour 2007


document #1 raster-noton japan tour 2007

soon after raster-noton was founded in 1996, it was a welcome surprise that our first releases had strong resonance in japan. this enthusiasm encouraged us to share our sound and visualisations on tour. our first contacts became friendships – some even became part of the label, be it as collaborators or artists. since these establishing times, we have happily returned to japan again and again with more artists from the label. our experiences throughout the country have repeatedly inspired all of us. japanese culture and its sense for detail – whether expressed in design, architecture, food or hospitality – continues to influence the label’s output. this limited edition book is a present to our artists, our fans, and also to ourselves. it is one way to remember the great moments and to thank all the people involved in our last ten years of touring in japan. we have enjoyed a perfect combination of music, inspiration and fun!

olaf bender / carsten nicolai

catalogue + cd, 130 pages, color print, text english/japanese, limited edition of 100 copies, all autographed, photography sebastian mayer (http://sebastianmayer.com), design gunnar bauer

the included cd contains tracks mixed by alva noto of all the participating artists:
signal, frank bretschneider, pomassl, byetone, alva noto, kangding ray, taeji sawai and nibo.

01. signal.dataesette - 00:22
02. frank bretschneider.the moon is a hole in the sky - 03:52
03. pomassl.antenna atoll - 02:20
04. byetone.capture this (I) (edit) - 00:54
05. byetone.capture this (II) - 04:39
06. kangding ray.a protest song - 03:29
07. taeji sawai.losi (edit) - 02:00
08. alva noto.07 u_08 - 05:20
09. pomassl.blank jack - 00:26
10. signal.rawema - 03:26
11. byetone.rocky (alva noto mix version) - 04.48
12. pomassl.tandem destiller - 03:52
13. nibo.78820140201261118446829285398143 (rough bit mix) - 06:10
14. pomassl/taeji sawai.nitro/losi (pitched version) - 00:22