various artists

ephemeral ∞ eternal


various artists

ephemeral ∞ eternal

limited edition 2x 12" vinyl featuring sound installation works by various artists including:


SØS gunver ryberg - transducer sound system_excerpt of 'emergency' (live)

huge walls of metal and plywood surrounds the listener. 25 transducers are attached to the walls and  to the ventilation system above. in this concert installation the listener explores extreme vibrations and resonance of the music traversing the walls and the ventilation system. it is both a sounding scenography and a sound system.

site specific composition and performance: SØS gunver ryberg
sounding scenography: resonating rooms
live recording from mics above: resonating rooms
mastering: joel krozer at six bit deep
location: alice CPH and gong tomorrow festival


albert van abbe & ricky van broekhoven - phasing waves

combining kinetic energy with a fast and precise light sequence, manifesting volumes of near tangible light, phasing waves is a platform to rethink hybrid audiovisual instruments in installation formats and live performances.

sound design: albert van abbe
live A/V performance: ricky van broekhoven & albert van abbe
location: oostkerk middelburg 


byetone - schwellen

schwellen is a sound installation triggering a grid of 96 neon tubes and dealing with the limits of human perception.

composition, mix and performance: Byetone
scenography and recording: benjamin miller
location: electriciteitsfabriek / todaysart festival den haag


children of the light - spiraling into infinity

spiraling into infinity appears as a phantasmagoria of light at play; a radiant scramble of energy, a mirage from the subatomic realm, a doodle-made-magic. in the work the freedom of the creative act, moments of wonder and the therapeutic power of light come together.

interactive light installation: christopher gabriel and arnout hulskamp
sound design/composition: jacob lekkerkerker
spatial sound: wouter snoei
live recording: max frimout
location: MU hybrid art house eindhoven