the songs' monotony is what really makes them stand out, gently circulating around a hypnotic center point. although it is only a five track cd, it is a piece of modern electronic music which is sixty minutes long. already the first song »interflug« is eighteen minutes in length, but a nice smooth groove let it seem to be shorter. an elegant looking electric car driving down the avenue, dressed with tiny spoilers, a disco glitter sticker on the back of the rear-view mirror, not faster than 80 km/h and always straight ahead.

all music by t. seidel (except »interflug« by o. bender)
mixed & edited by f. bretschneider
recorded at raster studio. april '96

01. interflug - 18:08
02. trap.core - 11:49
03. tubeless - 09:45
04. re-trip - 11:48
05. tonk.tonk - 08:43