various artists

frequencies [Hz]


various artists

frequencies [Hz]

the series of concerts staged on the occasion of the exhibition "frequencies [Hz] audio-visual spaces" in frankfurt, february - april 2002, documents the exhibited artists' work with sound in space as a performative enunciation of their practice. it also introduces a range of other artists and musicians who work in similar contexts and who relate to the exhibiting artists' use of sound as a core element of their installational work. all artists involved have contributed to developing a new language of electronic sound and continue to push the limits of art and music production. the exhibition and the concert series provide a platform for exploration and experience of different approaches to sound and art.

limited edition (800 copies).

the cd is available in a special design digipack case (150 x 140 mm).
cover in structured print, white;
soft inlay, white;
booklet, 8 pages, 4 colours.

participating artists:
achim wollscheid/marc behrens, alva noto, christopher charles, COH, carl michael von hausswolff, cyclo, ekkehard ehlers, errorsmith, farmersmanual, frank bretschneider, hecker, mainpal inv., markus schmickler, merzbow, monolake, opiate, pan sonic, pita, pomassl, random industries, richard chartier, ryoji ikeda, senking, snd, steinbrüchel, stephan mathieu, thomas körner, ultra-red

01. -
02. obi 2 min
03. undirected/frequencies
04. novotel suite op. 11
05. making babies in a spring bed
06. ... (edit)
07. neulich
08. sylvester
09. stat = conjecture pirayune sanrt
10. track
11. hyperbolic cosine yea III (p-pasted mix)
12. urban flatsam
13. im gebiet des grahls, ein schloss
14. untiteled I
15. binary
16. soothe
17. over puilo
18. smirnum 0602
19. dmm
20. mx 1602 vs. a25v3m.sys
21. tracing (sketch for andreas)
22. specra II edit
23. tar
24. don't touch my shed
25. weiss var.01
26. frequenzen
27. recul
28. neue wirtschaft (responses from residents 1)