vladislav delay


vladislav delay


with »kuopio«, we release the second full length album by vladislav delay aka sasu ripatti. the record features eight new songs which allow the listener to dive into delay’s cosmos of deep and likewise organic sounds. subtle yet complex electronic manipulations are used, resulting in a high degree of variation within every single track and a nearly imperceptible intensification of their density.

progressive and energetic rhythms play an important role as already indicated in his recent release »espoo« (r-n141), the EP which forms a bridge between his former album »vantaa« (r-n136) and »kuopio«, best illustrated by the track »kulkee«, meaning "to move forward".

»kuopio« clearly represents a further attempt to depict the finnish landscape as well as its isolated charm, which is also obvious from its design and conceptional approach by referring to the city of kuopio.

01 vastaa
02 hetkonen
03 avanne
04 kellute
05 osottava
06 kulkee
07 marsila
08 hitto
09 kuuluuko (download only, for free when purchasing the cd at the r-n store)