mask of birth


mask of birth

COH aka ivan pavlov, actually born in russia, lives and works in sweden. his cultural roots are in his mother country - that is why he feels more attached to the russian avantgarde than to the western rock-pop tradition.

as qualified acoustic engineer, he is involved in developing different types of sound synthesis. he found a way to compose rare tones to an ensemble that shows more associations with lyrics and comics than with "artificial intelligence."

he is a member of raster-noton and his live shows can be seen in germany. »mask of birth« is his debut work although his other two releases have been released earlier. this album is a very personal record, which he dedicated to his daughter.

01. suppernature - 06:31
02. hurt later - 05:32
03. gearin 2 - 07:11
04. terra beyond (terra) - 05:32
05. utopia - me too - 04:54
06. of 7 - 07:04
07. boog - 05:18
08. isb: no balance - 00:23
09. in spaces between - 06:29