created by the one-man project komet, »saat« is a pleasant electronic audio cd. while listening to it for the first time, you may think it is an elegant and very relaxing piece of music. but the more often you enjoy the songs, they seem to open a more complex world of sounds. somehow you can imagine yourself standing in the middle of a shiny aquarium with air bubbles rising up all around you. the tracks are marked by a modern sound design without all the unnecessary extra weight, making »saat« a timeless cd which stands far away from all the other so called "trendsetting" electronic releases in the past.

written, arranged & edited by komet
recorded at raster studio. april '95 - jan '96

01. gate - 07:11
02. welt - 08:09
03. stalker - 08:45
04. step - 04:48
05. saat - 06:55
06. phase - 07:39
07. puls - 08:01
08. flut - 08:59
09. sign - 06:69