with his new album »tap«, senking expands his personal style in a consistent manner. atmoshpheric fields and brief fragments of melodies are again and again combined with autonomous, multiple piled, percussive sound particles.

nevertheless, »tap« has nothing to do with producer attributes like »clicks and cuts« or »microsound«. senking knows how to hide the technological aspect of these purely electronic tracks. he stresses the more timeless and more important facet of his compositions,– the atmosphere. openly structured tracks flow, fill the space and produce a certain density communicating very privately with the listener.

jens massel aka senking lives and works in cologne, germany. besides his "senking" project, he regularly works under the pseudonyms of "kandis" and "fumble".

»tap« is a hundred percent studio album in contrast to the rasterpost predecessor »forge«.

01. stand - 04:06
02. settle - 04:34
03. sort - 04:55
04. maybe - 05:36
05. fletcher - 05:42
06. emergent - 04:12
07. exhausted - 05:53