grischa lichtenberger

works for last work


grischa lichtenberger

works for last work


raster is thrilled to announce the release of »works for last work«, an exceptional sonic and visual testament of lichtenberger's work on batsheva dance company's critically acclaimed piece »last work«, choreographed by ohad naharin. in addition to the originally composed music featured in the piece, the album offers an exclusive collection of sketches and tracks made during this collaborative period. this new release is available digitally and as a limited edition of a collection of silkscreen prints.

lichtenberger's »works for last work« takes the listener on a journey through the soundscape of naharin's masterpiece, a piece that delves deep into themes of death, rebirth, and regeneration. the album features a blend of ambient, experimental, and electronic music, creating a concentrated and intimate sonic universe that perfectly encapsulates the mood and energy of the dance.

the digital version of »works for last work« is available for purchase on the raster website, bandcamp and streaming platforms. for collectors and audiophiles, the release also features a limited edition print version, which includes eight hand-made, three-colored silkscreen prints by lichtenberger, abstractly portraying enigmatic scenes of the dance piece. 

»works for last work« is an exceptional addition to grischa lichtenberger's already impressive body of work. it serves as a testament to the power of interdisciplinary collaboration and highlights the unique relationship between music and dance.


#1 adi & hsin-yi 1 (25,4x20,4cm)
#2 rachael and ian 1 (25,4x20,4cm)
#3 bret (25,4x20,4cm)
#4 nitzan (25,4x20,4cm)
#5 adi & hsin-yi 2 (25,4x20,4cm)
#6 olivia (25,4x20,4cm)
#7 rachael and ian 2 (25,4x20,4cm)
#8 rani (25,4x20,4cm)