r-n at sónar 2006

r-n at sónar 2006

alva noto + ryuichi sakamoto. insen
the live collaboration between critically-acclaimed electronic composer / visual artist carsten nicolai aka alva noto and multi award-winning composer ryuichi sakamoto.
insen creates a new synergy between acoustic piano and digital-electronic music. subtle digital processing and an on-stage led screen installation by nicolai counterbalance and manipulate sakamoto's elegant piano phrasing, creating vivid dialogues between melody, rhythm and texture.
produced by forma
co-produced by romaeuropa festival / santa cecilia it's wonderful

raster-noton. essential room
directly below the heart of the sonar festival is an aural retreat. the essential room will provide the listener with absolute clarity where the ears become eyes. over three days the room will feature specially commissioned pieces by the raster-noton collective. the main piece is a twenty minute site specific composition by russian/swedish composer ivan pavlov aka COH, that keeps in mind the non-visual concept of the surrounding. works of ryoji ikeda, ryuichi sakamoto and pixel will also be featured.

raster-noton. stand record fair
latest raster-noton releases to be sold at sonar festival

richard chartier. plays line
richard chartier creating a special dj mix of music / sound that has inspired and influenced his work and the curating of line label.

ryoji ikeda. datamatics
datamatics is the second audio-visual concert in ryoji ikeda's datamatics series, a project that explores the potential to perceive the invisible multi-substance of data that permeates our world.
produced by forma
co-commissioned by av festival 06 and zero one san jose 2006.
supported by ycam and recombinant media labs

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