r-n + m_nus. container

r-n + m_nus. container

m_nus / raster-noton

the collaboration of the labels m_nus and raster-noton dates back to the year 1999, when richie hawtin was invited by carsten nicolai to take part in the "new forms" cd/performance project that was staged at galerie für zeitgenössische kunst in leipzig, germany. since then both labels have shown their interest to finally launch a collaborative project.

in the last ten years both m_nus and raster-noton have set high standards of sound and visual presentation. their strong affinity to minimalist design and a compelling musical output of their catalogue has since been parallel in the labels' philosophy. especially the "concept" series of m_nus and the »20' to 2000« series of raster-noton have been landmarks of minimal electronic music and defined the start into the new century. a collaboration hence seems to be overdue and consistent.

container is an event series seen as intersection of conceptual ideas of the labels. the two evenings will cut the usual club night performative scheme of solo performers by introducing an experimental platform of performative interaction that promotes the labels' overlapping conceptual structures to form a unique laboratory of sound. the open character of the project might give the chance to further develop it in the future...

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